Sunday, July 18, 2010

More of the same.

Tomorrow morning, I swear, if that darn scale doesn't say something different... I'm gonna... Well, I guess I'll go buy a new one. :-)
Last time I talked about that scale, I suggested that maybe the aliens had replaced mine with a joke scale that never changed. I truly believe that happened.
It's been over a week... since somewhere around the 9th.. since my scale has said anything different than what it says every morning now. And I don't mean approximately. I mean, to the tenth, the same. Strange. How can a person really maintain so well that their weight is not one tenth above or below the previous day... for over a week?
Okay, fine. I'll stop complaining about the scale. But by God, tomorrow morning, if it says the same thing I've seen for days, I'm going to toss it out the window!
Then I'll go outside, and gently pick it up, apologize to it, and put it back on my kitchen floor. I can't abandon it now. It's been with me for a lot of pounds that were lost. It knows where I've been, and I would bet, considering I have to stand on it each day, it's pretty happy I'm 71 lbs lighter.

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