Thursday, July 15, 2010

Size Matters

Back on April 13, I had lost about 45 lbs and in my post entitled, "Closet Woes", I mentioned that I had a small dress that I had picked up at a thrift store to use as my "goal dress".

Since then, I've lost another 26... a total of 71, and that dress actually fits!

All this time I thought it was a 13, but in fact, it's a 15. It makes sense that it should fit now, since I've been wearing size 14 jeans for awhile now. But what took so long for it to fit, was the fact that the zipper is on the side, and I had a hard time getting it up with one hand. LOL

Regardless, it fits. It's not the most fashionable dress, mind you. Considering where I bought it, it was probably a Mervyn's special back in '03. :-)

But it's not the colors or the style that matters. In this case.... SIZE MATTERS. And I can fit into a size 15 dress! Yay!
Oh, and I just gotta say.................. "Ain't I cute???" LOL


  1. That is so cool I have a pair of goal jeans that I have always felt great in them they are a size 24 and when I reach that I will keep going .. Thats my promise..Life is important to me.. ..

    Congrats on your journey.. I am proud to know you.. its inspiring.. thanks for sharing..and yes

    YOU LOOK CUTE I LOVE THE DRESS .. I thrift shop too. I love it.. Havent bought clothes yet.. nothin but I'm determind..

  2. No matter what size you are, a good pair of nice fitting jeans always makes you feel great!
    Some of the jeans I loved to death, are now too big. Your favorite 24s will be the same way. When you lose enough that you're smaller than your favorite jeans, hang onto them for your "before" pic. Put them on, and hold the waist out like those tv ads! :-)
    Congrats on starting to get healthy, and working hard at sticking to it! We can win!