Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Splash, Sucker!

Standing on the bridge over the Boise River, we were watching all the adventurous people floating down on tubes and rafts, trying to keep cool on a very hot summer day.

Standing next to me and my friend was a man, who was also watching the people float. I made a comment to my friend that there was a shirtless man just coming out of the water that might not feel it yet, but his sunburn would probably keep him awake that night. She asked, "Which one?" I pointed him out, and the man next to us said, "The fat one."

I made a comment to him to the effect that I wouldn't have used that word, but yes, that was who I was talking about.

What I got out of this little exchange is this: Seventy-five pounds ago, that man on the bridge with us would probably never have said a word. He, hopefully, would have had enough tact to not say the word "fat" around me, since 5 1/2 months ago, I was most definitely fat, and would likely be offended.

But these days, I'm not the fat girl so much anymore, so an insensitive stranger felt it was okay to use that word, because he didn't think I'd be offended...?

The fact is, I was kind of offended. I don't like when people use that word to describe someone. I would hope there would be a less offensive way to describe someone who is a bit heavy, or a lot heavy. I got the feeling that man expected my friend and I to laugh with him.

I didn't laugh. I could barely even respond to him. I should have pushed him in the river. :-)

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