Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yesterday was a bad day, all day. I couldn't get over the feelings that had come up during the morning. It was NOT a day that I would wish on anyone.
But I got through it, and until, or unless there are repercussions from my admitting my weight here in the blog, I'll be fine.
I have to say again though, I'm not a person that keeps anything in. Secrets are not my favorite thing. And having to do the math, and keep from blurting out my real weight has been a big burden. I'm going to be much happier just saying it like it is.
So this morning, I weighed, and am proud to say, I am 182.8 pounds. :-) That brings our total to..........((((((drumroll)))))))) .........Seventy-four pounds! Only twelve more to go!
I think I'll fit comfortably in a 13 when I reach 170. That's the weight I was in high school, when the "Boots" story came about. But my eventual goal will be to fit into an 11 again. I think the weight calculators say that a healthy weight for my height will be between 150-167. I'll be darned close!
Oh, and BTW... Bunna is being his typical, un-dramatic self. He's not talking about anything that went on yesterday, from my admission, to my nervous breakdown. It's all back to normal. He did, however, tell me that he is going to stop weighing until there is a bigger span in our weights. He gets that the scale is thinking we are the same person, and he wants me to have my scale to myself for awhile, so there's no electronic confusion.
That's all we need in this house is another type of confusion. We've already got plenty of that!


  1. All good. Moving on! and, the greatest part is that B is giving you the scale, "until there is a bigger span in our weights". Ha! he is your biggest supporter. He has as much faith in you as you do. He believes. ;-)

  2. maybe he should have his very own. Something he can call his own. After all, he too , is working at losing or maintaining. If he can't weigh in, it may be he feels HIS weight loss and maintenance is less important.

  3. If I can lose another 2-3 in the next week, that should be enough of a difference in weight for the scale to consider us two different people. But I did mention to him that I could pick up a new scale. One for upstairs, one for down. He didn't think it was necessary. Maybe I will anyway, and put a big bow on it for him. :-)