Friday, July 2, 2010

Super 70's!

Looking back, I had set a goal for myself of 50 lbs by the end of April, and I accomplished that, with a couple days to spare. Here it is, two months later, and another goal has been met... but a couple days late.
It is now July 2, and I've hit the 70 lb mark! I've known over the last couple days that it was within range, but the way my body has been resisting my efforts, I didn't know when I would hit that milestone. This morning, I weighed, and am just 2/10's inside the 70 lb mark! (You know I love my tenths!)
Pretty often lately, I've had my dinners alone. Everyone has somewhere they have to be, and I come home from work to have my big green salad and Boca Burger all alone. I love my Boca Burgers, with just a little of some kind of sauce for variety. Earlier this week, I ran across some mango-coconut-hot sauce that is so good! I bought it because I thought it might taste similar to the sauce they use at the Bonefish Grill on their Bang-Bang Shrimp. I was hoping to find a simple way to make that awesome shrimp at home. But it turns out, the sauce is a little too mango-y, and not like the Bang-Bang sauce at all. Although, it will make a good shrimp, I'm sure! I might have to try that this weekend...
Anyway, meals have been small, with few temptations since the house is empty at night. Good thing I don't have to cook for the cat. If I had to make him tortellini every night, I'd be in trouble!

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