Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who's the boss?

I've been getting back to basics on my menu lately. No substituting. Just eating what I know. It seems to be the only way for my body to understand I mean business.
First thing in the morning, it's coffee. Bold and black. Yum. :-) By 8:30, I have my apple (70 calories.) Around 11, I have 3/4 cup of egg beaters (90 calories), microwaved for 3 minutes. So easy.
Before I leave for work at 12:45, I have all my pills. My blood pressure pills, my multi-vitamin, my extra calcium, my omega threes, and some aspirin. (I'm still on aspirin therapy since my blood clot incident back in '96.)
I also mix up a sugar-free green tea powder/ Benefiber glass of water to take all my pills with. The green tea curbs my appetite, I think. And the extra fiber helps fill me up until my next snack.
I usually won't have anything else until 3:00 when I have another apple. Then, I have a fiber bar or Clif Kids bar (130 calories) at 4:00. Another 100 calorie bar at 5, and a cheese stick (80 calories) at 5:30. All that fills me up, and when I get home from work at 6:30, I'm ready for dinner, but not starving.
Dinner is an iceberg salad (200 calories), and a protein. We've got the turkey burgers in the freezer, so lately, we've been putting a couple of those on the Foreman. One burger is 200 calories, and I just put a little pepper and salt on it, and maybe a drop of A-1.
My snacks during the day add up to between 5-600 calories, and my dinner is usually around 400.
I've got to show my body who is boss! Take no prisoners! Show no mercy!!
I weighed today, and have lost 71 lbs. I am in charge of my future!!


  1. Sounds pretty good, but you can switch that up and add a ton more nutrients simply by making that a spinach salad instead. I like mandarin oranges on mine. The vit c helps to absorb the calcium in the spinach too. Hey even better go for calcium packed kale! ;-)

  2. I love spinach salads, but the dark leafy greens have a lot of vitamin K, and I've been told not to have that too often. I have issues with my blood clotting too easily, and the "K" makes that problem worse. Once in a while, I'll make myself a spinach salad with dried cranberries. Delicious! Good plan, though, combining the "C" with the calcium.

  3. Oh, good thinking. Then you'll want to really steer clear of Kale. In comparison levels of K and daily % in 1 cup raw/chopped of each:

    Iceberg - 17.4 mcg or 22%
    Spinach - 145 mcg or 181%
    Kale - 1062 mcg or 1328%

    Whoa! That's a lot of vitamin K-ale!