Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Define "temporary"...

Plateau (pla to') n. 1. a temporary halt in progress.

Really? Temporary? Hmmm. Maybe I should look up "temporary" now. I honestly think my scale is broken. On a whim, I weighed myself last night, after dinner. And surprise, surprise. It weighed me the same last night as it did yesterday morning, as it did this morning.
Either the aliens have switched my scale for a joke scale that never changes, or I'm on a serious plateau. Nothing has changed, to the tenth of a pound, for three days. Odd, to say the least.
Maybe I need to go shopping for another scale.
I think after losing 70 lbs, my body has a right to slow down and smell the roses. Time to adjust... we all need it. I'll give it another couple days, then I'm calling out the big guns! I'll go RUNNING!
For a long time, I've known my scale was off a little. Four pounds, to be exact. That is based on what the medical, slide-type scale says at the gym. Yesterday, at the gym, I used their scale to check the difference with mine, and sure enough, that four pounds was there.
It doesn't change what I've lost, since I've based all my progress on my home scale. But it does keep me aware that when I go to the doctor later this month, I will have to be prepared for that four pounds to be there. Her scale is the authority on weight. The God of Poundage.
And I will bow down to it when I get there... and pray for mercy.


  1. Did I see that someone will start running?! Yay! Running is such a good way to move off a plateau. It can be hard on your body, so take it easy and start slow. Anymore I never get past an easy jog myself. You can do it. Jog for a minute, walk for 2. You will definately see a difference if you can start getting out there 3-4 times a week for 20-30 minutes. Easy! ;-)

  2. Okay, Coach. I've got three weeks to psych myself up, and get warmed up. By the time I get to SC, I might be able to run up your driveway! LOL

  3. And I will be cheering for you all the way to the top!