Friday, March 26, 2010

Dinner Variety

It's been 53 days of eating like a normal human, and I'm really starting to notice the change in the way I look. I've been noticing for awhile that my clothes fit better. Good thing I kept all my old uniforms... the ones that I kept growing OUT of. :-) Summer's coming, and I'll have to order new shorts that fit. And maybe one or two of the little carrier skirts. Yay! New clothes!
The types of dinners that we've been sticking to have been your basic meat and vegetable. Sometimes a little fruit thrown in, or cottage cheese, and always a big salad. I'll put a hard-boiled egg on the salad, tomato and light dressing. The lettuce we keep cut up and ready, and ironically, in an old, plastic ice cream bucket.
But for variety, instead of grilling chicken, or even a lean beef patty, we have started checking the stores for low-cal, inexpensive tv dinners to give us a change of pace. The Lean Cuisines are good, for the most part. And Healthy Choice has some good options. But honestly, for the price, they're not so great. The one thing I like is the Lean Cuisine French Bread Pizza. Oh, and the Philly Steak Panini is really great.
But those dinners cost between $2-$3 each. And although that's not a lot, it makes for an expensive trip to the grocery store if we're going to stock up for a few weeks.
What we've found that we really like are the small tv dinners that are made by Banquet, Swanson, etc. They have small portions, always include a vegetable, and are most times less than 250 calories, depending on the meal. And those smaller dinners cost less than a dollar! Now that's what I'm talkin' about! They might have more sodium, or more fat than grilling my own chicken, but some days, I just need to eat and crash. And these dinners fit the bill!

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