Friday, March 12, 2010

Snack Schedule

So I gave up the details of how incredibly out-of-control my eating habits were in the past. To put over 4000 calories in my body daily, with only the exercise that I get at work, was making me very round!
Let's go through an average day for me now. Remember, I eat 100 calorie snacks, every 2-3 hours.
6:30 am. - Wake up and have coffee.
8:30 am. - 1/2 cup Egg Beaters (60 calories)
11:30 am. - Mini-Clif bar (100 calories)
2:30 pm. - Special K bar (90 calories)
3:00 pm. - Apple (70 calories)
5:00 pm. - Banana (100 calories)
5:30 pm. - Cheese Stick (80 calories)

Dinner is always around 6:30, and it's a variety of different things. I really love grilled chicken breast with fresh avocado. Bunna likes to have a hamburger patty with cottage cheese. We will always have a large salad with a diced hard-boiled egg, tomato and low-cal dressing. I love to put a little sliced pickle or just a sprinkle of dill on my salads, too.
Dinner will always include a small portion of meat or protein. I say "protein" because it's not always meat. I really love my Morningstar Grillers. These are vegan patties made of strictly soy. If you've ever had a cheap Quickie-Mart burger, you've probably had something similar. They taste similar to a beef patty, but they have a different texture. Personally, I love them.
We also always have a vegetable.
My son is not on this diet, although he eats what we do, in a slightly larger portion. If we make burgers, he has his on a bun and we don't. I'll make him pasta or rice, and it's just for him. He's not suffering... he's a growing boy! :-)
After dinner, we may or may not feel like we want dessert. Bunna usually has an apple before bed, and for my son, I'll whip up a quick mousse or make him a hot chocolate. If I have a sweet tooth after dinner, I've got the small 60 Calorie Jello puddings for that.

Okay, let's sum up. During the day I have my snacks which add up to 500 calories. On a hungry day, I might eat an extra snack. So let's say 600.
Dinner is always between 300-400 calories, plus dessert if I have it. So the most I'm eating daily is 1100 calories. That's a far cry from the 4000+ I had been eating before Feb. 2. That in itself is enough to get my body to start dropping weight.
My snacks are low sugar, not too high in carbs, and low fat. Our dinners are lean, grilled meat and vegetables, for the most part. (What would I do without my George Foreman?!)
This schedule has gotten so much easier since my stomach has gotten smaller. I don't feel that hunger until at least an hour and a half after a snack, then I gauge how many calories I can eat for the day, and spread my snacks out as necessary. Easy peasy.

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