Thursday, March 4, 2010

The journey begins...

So I found myself at age 46, extremely overweight. My son is 13 now. I can't blame my weight on the pregnancy anymore. Besides, I had already lost that "pregnancy weight" 10 years ago! Now I was at a weight I'd never been to before. When I ordered my work clothes, (uniforms), I had to order a larger waist size, again. And when the pants arrived in the mail, I held them up. Surely, these are too big! But I tried them on, and sadly they fit. Oh no.... I knew if I wore those pants, it would be the beginning of the end. I was on a weight-gaining rollercoaster, and at this point in my life, I was gaining speed as I gained weight. I had put about 8 inches on my waist in the last 3 years. It was unreal. I had outgrown my uniforms, and folded them up nicely, and put them away. I always told myself I'd have a use for them again, when I lost the weight. But suddenly, I realized it was now or never. I heard my mother say in my mind, "You're not getting any younger! You should lose the weight now before your metabolism starts working against you!"
Of course she was right. At my age, it's more difficult to lose a few pounds, much less the 90 lbs I was looking at. But every journey starts with one step, right? Ugh. Here we go...

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  1. Thanks for starting this blog! I have really enjoyed reading it. I think this will help keep me motivated!