Sunday, March 7, 2010


One more common sense item we can't forget. WATER. It's that clear stuff that comes out of the tap... that stuff you pour into the coffee maker...
I think water is great. It's cheap, and it fills you up. Between snacks, it's a great way to keep away the hunger pangs, until your stomach shrinks. By the way, I think hunger stinks. But doing this diet, I rarely felt hungry. And if I did, I'd drink some water, with or without Crystal Light, and be happy when the time for my next snack came along.
I guess around 64 oz daily is good. I also add Benefiber to mine, so I get extra fiber that way.
As you lose more and more weight, you'll notice that if you don't drink enough water, your urine will be dark, and you'll start to feel really dehydrated. The fat cells that you are emptying need to be flushed, and you'll have toxins that need to be rinsed out of your body.
Drink your water! Your skin will look better, too!

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