Thursday, March 4, 2010


About the same time I realized I needed to do something about my weight, I was also having a small party at our house. We do this all the time during football season. Bunna invites his friends over, and my son has his over. We always invite our best friends and their son, and always call my good friend. This time, I called my friend, and although she was busy anyway, she told me that she and her boyfriend couldn't come because they were on a new eating program. She was very excited about it, and told me the details during our short phone call. She explained that she had seen the results of this program first hand, since a few of her co-workers were doing it. It sounded like a miracle! But this miracle was going to cost me. The program she was on required buying pre-packaged foods, and following strict guidelines. The guidelines I could handle. It was the pre-packaged foods that worried me. The expense was one thing, but I needed to research the program to be sure it was right for me. After all, I've tried a lot of miracle plans, and I didn't want to fall into the same trap. But she was so excited, it motivated me to get busy and start checking into what her plan had to offer. And more importantly, it sparked my competitive nature. Not to compete with my good friend, but to find a way to follow her plan, without spending the money.

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