Sunday, March 7, 2010

Setting the record straight...

First of all, I've got no right to advise anyone on how to eat. Except for the fact that I've read a few books, and had tons of advice given to me over the years that somewhat sunk in. I'm in no way a nutritionist. Actually, I'm the farthest from it. I'm a mail carrier. So go figure. I just put into a cohesive plan, the basics; what I consider common sense. Common sense that I ignored for so long.
I'm only putting all this in a blog to kind of chronicle the journey. It's a public blog, so anyone can read it. And hopefully, if someone heavy like myself, can relate to the dieting cyle I've gone through, then maybe this will help them. I don't think any doctor would say that my plan is bad for you. In fact, my doctor has been after me to lose any amount of weight for years. You know what they say... "Losing 10 pounds right now reduces your risk of diabetes and heart disease". I don't know who said that. I just know I've heard it. :-)
So follow along with me as I strive to lose the dead weight. I've decided to be brave and put in this blog some of the things that I've kept most private for years: my weight and size. Ugh.

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