Monday, March 8, 2010

Progress: March 8

So to recap, I started on this weight loss mission on Feb 2. The first week went really well, and I was so motivated! By cutting the high carbs and sugar out of my diet, and reducing the size of my portions... I lost 12 pounds the first 7 days. Wow! It was really working! And it was easy! I had been feeling a little hungry between snacks, but other than that, the effects were all positive. I had energy again! I didn't feel like I needed a nap at 11am. The lethargy was gone! I stopped loading my body with processed junk, and I started feeling human again. Strange how that works....... :-)
Over the next few days, the progress slowed, but remained consistent. I lost 3-4 pounds the second week, and since then, I've been averaging 3 lbs a week. So at this point, it's been about 35 days, and I've lost a grand total of 29 lbs.
The way I look at it, I'm a third of the way there. I set a goal of 90 lbs when I started this, and I estimated sometime around August I would reach that goal. It might take me a little longer, but at least I know my weight is moving in a steady downward direction now. My motivation is still high! Every time I get on the scale, I see that my work is paying off. I do weigh every morning, and even if I don't drop an ounce, the numbers I see are still making me happy. To be nearly 30 lbs lighter than I was 5 weeks ago... well, it's amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it.

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