Friday, March 12, 2010

In Control

Things have sure changed, and changed for the better. The food habits I had for so many years are beginning to be slowly pushed away, and this new feeling of well-being is overcoming me.
I have been on this new eating plan of mine for almost 6 weeks now, and I feel so in control. I'm basically a control-freak anyway, so I don't know why I didn't figure this out sooner! Food, or at least the food I put in my body, is one of the few things I can control.
I'm also a planner. I use lists, and I make them all the time. I schedule my day around my errands and my lists. The way this diet works, I can incorporate all my innate, controlling urges into one master plan! Muah-ha-ha!
I knew when I started this, that it was going to be very regimented, and dogonne it, that's exactly what I needed. I suppose that's why so many people start the pre-packaged diets. For a lot of people like me, that's the only way to do it. You have to have a tight little package of rules; something you can get your head around. For a lot of years, I was trying to use little tips and tricks from a variety of diets. I would eat a small breakfast, or none at all, then gorge myself on a big pasta lunch. The next day, I'd get up early, full of motivation, and go for a nice, long, brisk walk. But then for dinner, we'd go to the All-you-can-eat buffet. I was taking two steps forward, and one step back everyday. I was defeating myself and didn't even know it.


  1. Well Done !! You will be a "skinny Minnie" before you know it! Another great diet idea is to have an apple first thing.. do not eat anything else for 30 minutes.. Something the "skinny Bitch" says.. I was eating only apples for a time during the day.. at least two , sometimes three.. I lost 15 - 20 pounds in just about 3 weeks.. I would have my morning apple, and then, a small cup of oatmeal or some fresh spinach with sliced chicken or turkey to follow.
    The problem with some diets is that you get "bored" of eating little to nothing when you are a person that LOVES food. The trick is never feeling hungry. Like that new commercial says, 'Hungry is such the enemy of dieters..

  2. I plan on being a "skinny Minnie"... in about 4 more months. By August, if I continue at this pace, I'll have lost about 60 lbs. My final goal is 90 lbs, so hopefully before 2011 I'll have met that one, too!
    Having more than 2 apples a day wouldn't work for me. Apples are great, and although I can have one a day without it bothering me, if I eat more than one, or if I eat one first thing in the morning, it gives me stomach cramps. I'm not sure if it's the sugar in them or what it is. But sometimes, for no reason, an apple will give me an upset stomach.
    Hooray for all the "skinny bitches" that can make that work for them, but it's not for me.
    As far as being hungry, I'm usually not. The way I have myself scheduled, it keeps me with a little something in my stomach all day, and by doing that, I don't get the crazy cravings to overeat. Hungry sucks. I don't do hungry. :-)

  3. Update: I have been eating an apple first thing in the morning, at around 8:30, every day now for the past 2 months. It works great for me, and I no longer have that crampy, growly feeling. Hooray for the "skinny bitches"! :-)