Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fat! Fat! Water rat!

Being overweight makes you an easy target. The general population finds that teasing and humiliating fat people is okay. I've had a lot of skinny girls with low self-esteem use my weight as their number one go-to insult. Of course it sticks with you. If it didn't, there wouldn't be a post about it on this blog. But I've said before... my self-esteem has always been higher than one would expect it to be. I don't carry myself like I'm ashamed of my weight, although I was never happy about it.
There was a time when I had my son and his friend in the car with me. I made another driver unhappy with my lane change, and as that driver passed me, he gave me the "puffy cheeks". Now, the kids just assumed he was making a silly face, but I knew better. Those puffy cheeks are the universal sign for FAT. He was mad because he thought I had cut him off? So he gives me the fat face? See what I mean? It's the number one go-to insult. He was probably saying to himself, "That fat b*tch!"
That's just a silly example, but for anyone that's never been overweight and hasn't been in the position of hearing those comments and seeing the gestures, you might not think it happens. But it happens all the time.
I'm so done with allowing people to treat me like that. My losing weight is not going to stop the jerks from being jerks. They're out there, and they will continue to harass the chubby girls. But they won't be targeting me anymore.
Oh, BTW... I've lost 34 lbs now. :-)

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