Sunday, March 7, 2010


In addition to the small snacks and one meal, we also thought it best to supplement with certain things we might be missing with our food intake.
We bought a multi-vitamin, Omega 3, extra vitamin D and protein powder for shakes. We take our supplements every day, and occasionally, when I want to up my protein intake, I stir up a small shake for one of my snacks. We found a sugar-free powder that tastes pretty good, and I mix only a half scoop of powder with a cup of milk. This keeps it right around 100 calories, and the protein keeps me going until my next snack time.
The higher fiber, and higher protein snacks keep you feeling full longer. And until you start shrinking your stomach, you will feel hungry... even with only 2 or so hours between snacks. It took me about 3-4 weeks before I got to the point where I had to remind myself to eat. My stomach finally shrunk, and I stopped watching the clock!

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