Thursday, March 11, 2010


Wow. It seems like forever that I was stuck with a loss of 29 lbs. I finally, this morning, weighed, and am (to the tenth of a pound!) at 30 pounds. I am really hoping to keep up this 2-pound-per-week loss, but this slowed me down.
I suppose it's time to get back in the gym, and switch it up a bit. I can't go any lower in calorie consumption. I'm already between 1000-1100 daily, and that's as low as I should go.
Maybe a big calorie day would jumpstart my system again! :-)
I have gone on walks the last few weekends, and actually went to the gym 4 days ago. I always try to go when Bunna is there, and maybe that's my mistake. If I go later in the morning, after he's home from the gym, I might spend more time doing what I need to do. When we're there together, I spend 10-15 on the elliptical, then do a few weight machines, then I follow him around visiting about his night at work. How productive is that? Not very.
Okay, as Harvy would say..."Your goal for next week is 3 pounds". (Celebrity Fit Club)


  1. No big calorie jumps! Work out a teensy bit more now. : } A big calorie jump could mess you up!

  2. True dat, Sis. But you know, I never met a pizza I didn't like. And my idea these days of "pigging out" is a Lean Cuisine pizza. It's 300 calories of pure bliss. :-)