Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Plan

Okay, so the plan my friend was using had a website. And on that website, they detailed the ingredients and nutritional values for all their foods. They also outlined the basic plan, and eating schedule. It seemed like it would work. But, the food they packaged for you into their beginning 6 week supply was going to cost about $300, give or take. Depending on whether or not you bought the package as it was, or if you substituted different items out of their "a la carte" menu. Regardless, it was a lot of money, and I knew I'd better think long and hard before I make the investment. Don't get me wrong... I would take out a loan if I thought I would be investing in something that would help me lose the weight and keep it off! But this was something I needed to think about.
My first step was to write down all the calorie, sugar, carb and fiber content of the "plan's" foods. Those four components were what mattered most to me. Calories and sugar being the most important, and carbs and fiber also important, but not as much. I had been on super-low carb diets, and they always seemed to be detrimental to my health. I didn't like any diet that restricted my fruits, or my dairy. I believe those things can be in any diet, in moderation.
So I had my list of items, and their nutritional content. Now, it was time to go shopping.

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