Monday, March 15, 2010


Temptations. What are those? Oh yeah... those commercials with oozing cheese dripping from a steaming pizza. The smell of foot-longs grilling outside of the Home Depot, and bread baking inside Albertson's. I know temptations.
But I move on. I have to. I'll change the channel or shut my eyes. If I'm out where I can smell something yummy, I slow down to appreciate it, then remind myself that when I get to my goal, I'll have a little of the something that smells so good.
In the meantime, I satisfy my need for sweets differently. My coffee maker is one of those that makes one cup at a time. And each cup can be a different "flavor". But the coffee "pods" that go in the maker aren't full of calories. They are just black coffee with a hint of a flavor. Mostly just a scent. But I can have coffees that are scented like butter toffee, french toast, or cinnamon pastry. That's all I really need. Just the smell works for me.
I did, however, have to make a Valentine cake for my son a few weeks ago. It wasn't too long after I had started eating healthy, when that dreaded holiday came around.
I make my son a Valentine cake every year. Always bright pink, with red hots. It's kind of a tradition. So far be it from me to take a year off because I wasn't strong enough.
I made the cake, and as I finished frosting it, I tasted the frosting from the knife. I just needed that satisfaction. But once I tasted it, I was good. I didn't need any more. My son actually ate the whole cake! He wouldn't be too thrilled if he knew I was admitting this here, but it's true. It took him a few days, but he ate it. By about the third day, he was asking me how many calories I thought were in each piece he was eating. I estimated about 400, and his mouth dropped. He's getting an education about food and what's good for you, that's for sure. :-)


  1. Next year...Valentine cupcake! With Red Hots! XO

  2. Thanks! Great plan! I think a 9x13 was a bit much, for one person... even a 13 year old boy! :-)
    It's the thought that counts, and he'll be happy with a simple, single-serving cake just for him.
    In our defense, I did opt to make the 9x13 instead of a layer cake. Less frosting that way.